Introducing Wedgwood’s Grand Debut aka Bijke

Meet Our latest addition to the family, this is Bijke. She is my 1st Cocker Spaniel registered with our Wedgwood name. This beautiful girl is the Granddaughter of my Georgie aka Ch Shadowcast Your Talking To Much. Her father is a champion dog out of the USA.

Bijke has the best temperament of any Cocker I have raised. That is saying a lot, as I have had so many amazing Cockers over the years. Bijke is sweet, bold, outgoing, brave, and very smart, She really wants to be the number one dog on the farm. She has learned though very quickly to respect the older dogs and not push her luck.

Bijke is coming into heat so for all of you on the wait list we will soon have a litter of puppies!

We Had A Great Time At The PetLover Show Feb 15th and 16th 2020!


Brigitta”s Mona and Morsza are expecting puppies in late February. They will be ready to go to their new homes starting in mid April. If you would like to be considered for one of these babies please don’t hesitate to call. The best way to reach me is to phone me. I do not like text messages as I need to actually speak with the human who is interested in one of our precious pups.

Ellen 604=615-8668

Open House Meet the Cockers! Sunday December 15th

You are welcome to visit our farm and meet our dogs. Brigitta’s puppies will be here for puppy picking day! It’s a great time to meet everyone. Perfect time to decide if you would like to join our Wedgwood Cocker Family! There will be coffee, hot chocolate, and goodies.We will be under the deck, fire table will be on. Please dress in old warm clothes! 1pm to 4pm please call Ellen 604-615-8668 for directions.

We Have Puppies

Brigitta’s Molli and Morzsa are the proud parents of 6 beautiful healthy puppies. Brigitta delivered the babies on November 13, 2019. The puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes in the New Year. We will have a meet your puppy day on the farm in about 3 weeks. For more information please phone me, Ellen 604-615-8668

Please phone!

If you are interested in a puppy please pick up the phone and call me. I do not answer most of the messages left here. I also don’t answer most text messages. If you want a puppy you need to phone me. I get too many texts and messages from people who are not serious. So please just call me Ellen 604-615-8668